Why write?

My favorite horror movie of all time is The Ring. Images flood my mind even now of old VHS tapes, nosebleeds, horses, fingernails, Samara’s thick black hair, the bottom of a dank dark well, ladders, electrocution, family portraits, and a run down cabin in the woods. Fear brews from the mystery of Samara’s actions, and as the movie progresses you are haunted by a recurring question… why?

At the end of the movie the main character is sitting beside her son on an old stone wall, mistakenly relieved that their nightmare is over. As they ponder the reason behind Samara’s brutality, the mother decides it was all happening because, “She just wants to be heard.”

People primarily write for two reasons. 1) As a mode of reflection and 2) because they just want to be heard. I plan to use this site for both. Experiences, anecdotes, thoughts, desires, predictions – will all fill the electronic pages of this blog. I have no outline or parameters set to follow, just to use this blog to practice my writing and to record my journey in the jungle of a world we live in.

You can read and comment on whatever you like. Discussions are welcome, but they are not required. However, I will not lie and say that this blog is only for me. Like Samara, I want to be heard as well.

Daniel Smith.

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1 Response to Why write?

  1. Jeane McBrayer says:

    Very interesting reads. Thanks for sharing. I am disappointed in KD’s decision also.

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