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The Wardrobe

Someone tells you about a wardrobe. Not an ordinary wardrobe, but a wardrobe that has the power to change everything. The power to save the world. Continue reading

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Advent Reflection – 2020 – A Year of Darkness

In the beginning, the universe was filled with chaos and darkness. It was empty and void. But among it all, the spirit of God hovered over the deep. Waiting. Waiting to create something new.  I think we all have done … Continue reading

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A few weeks ago, my wife and I were sitting on the outdoor patio of a delicious new food spot within walking distance of our apartment (shout-out to Craft Urban of Geneva and their gluten-free cheese curds) when we started … Continue reading

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 “Let justice roll down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream.”   (Weekend Thoughts 8/27/20)

There is no way I can say all that I need to say about what I am about to say in one short blog post…but I am going to give it my best shot.  Our country has a racism problem. … Continue reading

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The Prologue from my Novel…

Hey everyone – it was a busy first week back teaching so instead of a normal Saturday blog post this week I wanted to just leave you with the first two pages of my novel that I finished last year. … Continue reading

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Weekend Thoughts (8/15/20)   When Shooting for the Stars Falls Flat…

      I was told so many times as a young person that I needed to ‘Shoot for the Stars!” and that “Anything is possible!”. My mom and dad used to tell me all the time that I could … Continue reading

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30 Things I’ve Learned by age 30 (Weekend Thoughts 8/8/2020)

After turning thirty this week, I spent a bit of extra time in reflection and getting stuck in my feels. Turning the corner into a new decade carries a bit more weight than your usual birthday. I thought it would … Continue reading

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Weekend Thoughts 8/1/2020 – The Secret Recipe for a Civil Political Discourse in 2020

My family and I are serious foodies, and MOST of us love spicy food. Sometimes this gets us into trouble – for example – my Dad and I just boiled some arbol chiles (see picture above) for our tacos al … Continue reading

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 Weekend Thoughts – 7/25/20

It seems that for many people who call America home, freedom has become the highest achievable moral good. Freedom is valued over compassion, or as Jesus would say… love. And the truth of the matter is, freedom in our nation is not all it’s cracked up to be for so many of the people who call America home. What do the voices of our poor, our minorities, or even our younger generations say about this so-called “freedom”? In many ways, it feels like ‘liberty’ has become code for “freedom for those with wealth and power to be left alone”. It seems that when we say “freedom for all”, what we mean is “freedom for those who can afford it”.  Continue reading

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Weekend Thoughts 7/18/20

“With so much chaos and turmoil within us, are we really surprised at all the chaos and turmoil that surrounds us? ” Continue reading

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