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Top 8 Books I Read This Year

A few of my friends and I created reading goals for 2019 on the popular website We used our goals to track what we read, share recommendations, and challenge and encourage one another to keep reading all year long! … Continue reading

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What I’ve been reading lately! (WIBRL) July 2018 Edition

  I always have a book nearby. Tucked in my backpack, in the passenger seat of my car, crammed in my back pocket. I LOVE to read. It’s how I relax, it’s how I have fun, it’s the primary way … Continue reading

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Overcoming the Pains of Perfectionism (And an update on my novel…)

The idea of creating a novel first crept into my mind one scorching hot day in my apartment in the rural town of Vidrare, Bulgaria 7 years ago. When you are free of electronics, have no car, and must go … Continue reading

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Why is Lebron James so Polarizing?

Help me out people… Polarize – to divide into sharply opposing factions ( There are quite a few polarizing athletes who have dominated the sports scene over the last decade. Some of them have been among the best at what … Continue reading

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Real Talk Radio Podcast #1 (guest interview with Kyle Smith)

Intro Sports Podcast where Kyle and I  talk NFL, NBA, MLB, and much much more! Hope you enjoy! Daniel Smith

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March Madness Podcast 3/17/18 (guest interview with Dan Nicholas)

I am dabbling with a sports podcast! Hope you enjoy, and please leave feedback. Episode #2: (Talking March Madness with Dan Nicholas 3/15/18)    

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Pastors and Laypeople alike: Here is my Dream for the future of the Local Church.

We as the local church need more diversity and less homogeneity. The population in the local church needs to be representative of the demographic of the surrounding community. We need to welcome and embrace more ethnic, racial, economic, and sexual … Continue reading

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Lebron or Jordan – You Decide

  I love this discussion, and I want nothing more than for this to bring out both MJ and Lebron homers alike to take things up a notch. I will admit…I have watched 90% of any meaningful game Lebron James … Continue reading

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Blog Post I Thought I Would Never Write: ‘The Bachelorette’ Debrief

            I want to start this blog by saying that I am one of the most vehement critics of the ABC cultural phenomenon that is the Bachelor(ette) franchise. The perverted premise causes me to cringe, … Continue reading

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A Tim Duncan Tribute and my All Time Starting 5 (in one page or less)

Tim Duncan. The Big Fundamental. World Champion. MVP. One of three players to win the Wooden Award, NBA Rookie of the Year, NBA MVP, NBA Finals MVP and NBA All-Star Game MVP. The only other two? #23 and #33. Michael … Continue reading

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