A Tim Duncan Tribute and my All Time Starting 5 (in one page or less)

Tim Duncan. The Big Fundamental. World Champion. MVP.

One of three players to win the Wooden Award, NBA Rookie of the Year, NBA MVP, NBA Finals MVP and NBA All-Star Game MVP. The only other two? #23 and #33. Michael Jordan and Larry Bird.

Dude was a monster! An unstoppable force on both ends of the floor. But he will NEVER be remembered in the same way that MJ, or Magic, or Larry will be.

And that is a tragedy. And is also the main reason I am writing this short blog. #21 will always be a legend in my book.

It’s his humility that sets him apart. His professionalism. His love of the process, the hard work. His drive to win. A lead by example man who so often flew under the radar for a small market team. But he brought his team of 19 years count’em…one-two-three-four-five championships.

I thought about quoting stats. I could use the numbers to prove his dominance. But I don’t think Duncan really cares about the numbers. Or the fame. He would give credit to his teammates, his coach, his Spurs family. More proof that Tim Duncan is one of a kind. 

His retirement announcement fits him perfectly. No year long celebrations. No city by city nation tour. No big media specials. Just a routine business statement, letting us know he is hanging ’em up.

Love this quote from a a blog by Shea Serrano, a San Antonio native: “Duncan spent his whole career trying to win. So that’s how I thought his career should end. I wanted him to try to win and try to win and try to win and then finally not be able to. And that’s where we are right now. He died on his shield in the 2016 playoffs. It’s exactly the right thing.”

Alright, time for my all time starting five.

This is one of my favorite NBA discussions to have, so please feel free to post your all time starting five in the comments section below!!!

PG     Allen Iverson

SG     Michael Jordan

SF     Lebron James

PF     Tim Duncan

C       Shaquille O’Neal

Ill put money on my squad over any team you bring at us. See ya at the courts.


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3 Responses to A Tim Duncan Tribute and my All Time Starting 5 (in one page or less)

  1. Ss says:

    My all NBA modern team

    1) Steph Marbury
    2) Delonte west
    3) KD
    4) Shawn kemp
    5) shaq

  2. Jeane McBrayer says:

    Mr Tim Duncan has always been one of my hero’s, I’ve watched every game I have been able to get on TV. He ranks above all on the team you have above.

  3. XxDnellx says:

    Loving the line up Daniel great pics

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