White House Denial



So let me get this straight… Our government spends billions of dollars annually to collect moon rocks on lunar exploration missions, but they choose to cut all White House tours to “save money”? I mean honestly, how much money is the government really spending for people to take a half hour walk-through of the oval office? Is the resolute desk suffering damage from too many people looking at it? We know it’s definitely not flash damage because cameras are not allowed. Unbelievable. 

 I just want to take my wife to our nation’s capitol and let her experience the most renowned building in the world. Apparently that costs to much. In other news another billion dollar satellite was launched that is expected to take 5 pictures of Jupiter. Ridiculous.

Does this mean that the White House Visiting Office is now obsolete? Maybe their salaries helped take pennies off of our government spending?

Sure some will say who really cares, and that I am over reacting. I’m not even mad, just blown away and wondering… really? really? Cut White House tours to save money. Who was sitting there in the conference room or think tank brainstorming ideas to cut government spending, and they thought to themselves – “What if we cancel all White House tours!? That would do the trick.” 



Oh well. At least the Smithsonian museums are all still free. One thing is for sure though…



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1 Response to White House Denial

  1. Bobby says:

    Let me see, so we are cutting the WH tours but the POTUS is flying to FL to Play golf with Tiger while Michelle and the kids fly separately to CO for spring break.

    No, none of this is political…….

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