Ever want to be a part of a rebellion?


My friends and I talk so often of the epicness unique to rebellion. We talk of how hard it is to replicate the passion and emotion that can only be found in being a part of a rebellion. District 13 in the Hunger Games. The young French men in Les Miserable. William Wallace’s march against Longshanks. Maximus Aurelius taking on all of Rome. These stories pull at our heart, our mind, and our gut. If only we could be a part of a rebellion such as this! A rebellion that is fighting tyranny, toppling evil empires, and battling corrupt powers. 

As Christians, we need look no further. The primary identity of the Church is a colony of exile in active rebellion against the corrupt and the tyrannous of this world. The Church is a people whose calling is to end the reign of sin in a community. Whose calling is to reject the comforts and spoils of a greedy nation, and to live a life that embraces solidarity. A calling to turn our back on a culture of self fulfillment, to hold up a middle finger to selfish living, and to do all that is in our power to put an end to the oppression in the world and an end to those leading the way. 

The Church is not something that we go to, the church is not something that we do, the church is who we are. When we invite others into the churches grand story, the story of rebellion, we do not however invite them to anarchy. We invite them to a place whose qualities are the antithesis of the power of this world. The Church combats hatred, with love. The Church combats violence, with peace. The Church combats hopeless lethargy with joyful energy. The church combats death, with life. 


We are called to these things until we ourselves are called home for good. You ever want to be a part of a rebellion? Don’t miss the one right under your nose. 

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2 Responses to Ever want to be a part of a rebellion?

  1. Rondy Smith says:

    I preached a similar sermon at the Wesleyan Holiness Women Clergy Conference. However, the line about the middle finger was NOT used… Dr. Nina was on the front row (:
    But, I do love the sentiment…if its a grace-filled rebellion! Keep writing! Well done! Enjoy your thoughts expressed in words!

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